Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh what a difference a year makes...

One year ago I dropped off my "baby" boy for his first day of PreK-1... Monday, I dropped him off for this first day of PreK-2. Where did the time go?? From tears/screaming last year to "love you Mommy, I'm going to play in the kitchen" this year, I'm amazed everyday how much he grows and learns. Thank you GOD for such an amazing gift!!

Aloha and Mahalo!

Nothing says vacation quite like Hawaii.. and now I'm spoiled. Special thanks to MawMaw and Papa Bert for driving down to GA to stay with Tuck and Adds while Mommy and Daddy got to travel to Oahu for vacation!

We started our trip on a fabulous note: free personal movies on the 9 hour flight! YAY! And yes, we watched the movies together by saying "one, two, three, PRESS PLAY" and listening in on our individual ear phones.. needless to say, these movies made the flight seem much shorter.

We spent 3 nights in Waikiki on the South Shore of Oahu and then 2 nights at the Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore. All I can say is PARADISE has been found. This is truely a place that every American should make it a priority to see.

Waikiki was to me the "Disneyland" of Hawaii: tons of tourists, high end shopping (Coach, Hermes, etc), and "fine" dining (Cheesecake Factory.. haha). Not really my idea of what Hawaii would be like, but never the less, the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets that I have ever seen. The public beach was beautiful and a popular surf spot for the South side of the island. Our home for the 3 nights was the Queen Kapiolani, an older hotel undergoing a much needed renovation, but clean and comfy nonetheless. We were only a couple of miles from the famous Diamondhead National Park, an extinct volcanic crater turned military base, so the first morning we jogged the two miles to the base of the crater, then hiked to the top for some spectacular views. Here are my fav pics from the Waikiki visit..

Day 2 in Waikiki meant Pearl Harbor or bust... we were already up at 4am, so why not get our morning jog in and then head to the Pearl City for an awe-inspiring, live in person, history lesson. By 730am local time, we were standing on the very spot that those brave men and women were standing when the Japanese planes began flying over and destroying American ships, subs, and lives. I can't tell you the eerie and nostalgic feelings that swept over me and I watched the introduction video before we made our way out to the USS Arizona Memorial. We had the opportunity to talk to the daughter of a Naval DR who was only 5 years old on that fateful December day. She said she remembers hearing the planes (their house was less than 1 mile from the actual attack) and bombs and smelling the fires and explosions for days. Her father was not injured but stayed on base to help care for those who were. Her father wrote a book about his feelings of the days and weeks leading up to the actual attack as there is TONS of evidence that the US govt knew that the attack was bound to happen. Anyhow, I'm sure it's interesting reading and I've written the title down as a "must read", one day. Here are the amazing pictures (not so amazing because I'm not a great photographer, but amazing because of the history) from our visit to the Pearl City. I must comment about this first picture. This is a really zoomed in shot from the Memorial to Freedom Island (lots of water in between were I was standing taking this picture and the island where this sailor is standing). What you are looking at is a sailor (I think... he's got the right uniform for it) who was at the Pearl Harbor memorial on Freedom Island. He was kneeling at the Memorial and then as soon as I clicked he stood up. I can only imagine what he was thinking while kneeling at this moment. My romantic heart and mind wants me to think that he was praying for those souls/fellow sailors gone before him and buried under the sea. Who knows...

These photos are of the USS Arizona in all of her glory under the water. The oil is still rising to the surface of the harbor from the main tankers in the vessel. Estimates say about 8L of oil leak out everyday, but this oil is as pure as it gets because in the 30s and 40s no additives were put in it. The sailors giving tours that day say that these oil droplets are actually "black tears" from the fallen soldiers entombed in the ship below.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

All about Tucker - July!

yep, you can't do for one without doing for the other... so here's Tucker's version of the July favorite pictures...

All about Addie - July!

Sometimes pictures are worth more than any words I could write. Here are some of my favorite pictures of Addie during the month of July...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dreams Coming True

So apparently baseball seems to run in our genes here in the Consuegra household... hence the blog name. So when we got the opportunity to spend a day at Turner Field with the coaches and a few players, I can't tell you how happy we all were. Even my little buddy who was sick sick sick (we just didn't really understand HOW sick)... but hey, sick and puney at home or sick and puney at Turner Field?

Corey has befriended two of the Braves coaches and as they have taken advantage of the golf perks, we are taking advantage of the baseball perks! I mean, I GOT TO TAKE BATTING PRACTICE ON THE FIELD!!!!

We started off our day down in the clubhouse with Daddy meeting with Coach Bobby Cox and all of us just hanging out in the dugout. The Boys of Bridgestone got to hit first in the cage and then it was OUR turn... hehe...

After the hitting, we headed upstairs into the Braves suite (THANK YOU BRAD!!) for a snack and some drinks, then back down to the field to watch the Boys of Summer take batting practice and a little infield/outfield. Tucker was so thrilled and in awe, he couldn't even speak!

As I was drooling over the players, for obvious reasons (hahaha), Tucker was literally in AWE... especially when Chipper Jones walked past him... the kid knows the players by their faces and jersey numbers, so he knew EXACTLY who walked by. And no salmonella could keep his excitement away! But the excitement was too much, he literally went speechless and all he could do was smile and stare. Such a sweet moment for me to watch. Just reminds me how much he loves his Braves!

Too bad our super fun day ended with a trip to the Children's Hospital E.R. (where we finally found out about the salmonella incident - earlier post).

Salmonella?? Where the heck did that come from?!

As Tucker quickly approaches his third birthday (and Mommy begins to feel older and older), I can't help but think about how many times this poor child has been sick... seriously... betweeen strep throat, ear infections, colds and now, SALMONELLA (yes, the "bad" kind of bacteria), I feel like the little guy has been sick more days than he's been well. And as promised, I'm documenting life; even the bad parts.

At the end of June we spent a week with Corey's parents, brother/SIL/nephew and Tucker began complaining of a tummy ache. I chalked up the small stent of the "runnies" to teething as his last molars FINALLY came in. Fast forward about a week later. On Friday evening, I left for my girls weekend (see previous post), and of course, Tucker starts running a fever. I get home Sunday evening, fever spikes and the kid is sick. And I'm not talking about cranky, "hold me Mommy", here's some tylenol and go to bed sick... I'm talking SICK. Period. Bloody stools and all. We rush to the Dr on Monday AM.... tons of tests, 48 hours later, NOTHING. Diagnosis: stomach virus or bacterial infection of unknown origin. (geez...) We head to the Braves game on Wednesday night (see next post) and Tucker begins running a fever again, about 103 now, and TONS of blood in the diapers.. after a quick text to the pedi, we are on our way to Egleston. After a bag of fluids, lots of stool cultures and tylenol, we are sent home with the same diagnosis.

Symptoms disappear after about another 3 days just to get a phone call the next Tuesday from Egleston: "Mrs. Consuegra, your son has salmonella. Please make sure to cook your chicken and eggs throoughly; you wouldn't want this to happen again."

Yep, pretty much I've earned worst mom in America award for that one. Still not convinced that it was my fault, but hey, he survived and we are all better for it! I never knew there were so many poop tests !!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Guilty as Charged... Mommy's Weekend Away!

Of course, I'm already guilty of not keeping my promise... 3 weeks and no updates... Life, as usual, has been "happening" so I'll try and take some time now for updates, albeit, they will be SHORT!

Mommy's Weekend Away with College Friends

Since graduating from Young Harris College in 2001, my best friends and I have seen each other marry, not marry, have children, decide not to have children, go to graduate schools, go straight to working, moving to new states, and moving back to our home towns. Needless to say, "life" has kept us ALL so very busy, BUT... we finally all got back together (except for our Amanda, aka "Spank"). Tiffany, the brainiac of the group (she's a P.A.), graciously hosted us in her home in Cleveland, TN. We spent the weekend laughing, eating, shopping, dancing, and remembering the "good ol days" back when we all played college softball at YHC and for some of us, West GA. Of course, we were having so much fun taht some of us forgot to take ANY pictures at all!! But I did manage to snap a few as we were getting ready for dinner on Saturday night.. with only a very few exceptions of friends that I didn't meet in college, these truly are the very best friends a girl can have...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's almost mid-July?!! Already?!!

Yes, I can admit it. I've failed in my attempt and broken my word. It's been almost three weeks since the last post... BUT... I'm using my "Get Out of Jail Free" card and letting Tucker's illness be my excuse (will explain later). So what has been going on with Team Consuegra lately? Here's a quick run-down and I'll make sure that each event has it's own posting.. eventually ;-)

1) Mommy's Weekend Out with College Friends
2) Tucker's Illness
3) Dream Day at Turner Field with the Braves
4) July 4th Holiday
5) Campaign Update
6) Vacation Bible School at Shiloh (maybe I should have listed that first...)

So.. in the next few days, look for these posts... but for now, enjoy a sweet look at my "Sugie Plum" (as Tucker calls her) and of my Big Boy. Yep, I'm so blessed..

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day fun!!

What a great Father's Day weekend we had, if I do say so myself. After the movie night with Tucker on Friday, we spent Saturday together as a family of four, which is rare unfortunately for us.
We cooked Corey a great Saturday night dinner for a pre-Father's Day celebration of steak, shrimp, pasta salad, and baked beans. YUMMY! Then on Sunday morning, breakfast casserole and hot coffee/milk for all!
But the fun REALLY started when we got home from church and lunch with Didi, Papa Mike, Uncle Travis and Aunt Liz. It's SLIPPING SLIDE TIME! My two boys had a blast! Addie enjoyed it for maybe 3 minutes, but naptime was much more important for her (yep, she's just like her Mommy!)
Check out how cute my boys are having fun together: nothing sweeter than Daddy playing with his little man!!